Yoopya Web Services is a premium design company that focuses on quality, price and innovation. Based in New York, We are determined to provide you with our know-how built on a long and rich experience in internet and information technology and we wish to support your organization in quality as far as we are concerned. Our main goal is your satisfaction. Be a key vector in terms of results and the development of your businesses.

4 – Design

When the visual design starts, the designer uses the content and wireframes to design perfect mockups for the client.

Our Web designers develop a landing page for the website, as well as an inner web page to demonstrate near-precise colour, font-sizes and precise placement of all the navigation and content elements.

Once you have had a chance to look over the initial designs, you have the opportunity to provide feedback or request changes. Then we continue the process of fine tuning the design until we have your approval.

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