Yoopya Web Services is a premium design company that focuses on quality, price and innovation. Based in New York, We are determined to provide you with our know-how built on a long and rich experience in internet and information technology and we wish to support your organization in quality as far as we are concerned. Our main goal is your satisfaction. Be a key vector in terms of results and the development of your businesses.

Website design

We conceive and design an individual design for your website, which represents your person, your company or your brand online and contributes significantly to your success. The proportion of mobile devices on the Internet has increased immensely and is increasingly displacing the classic desktop computer. For this reason, we pay special attention to optimizing the layout for mobile devices. We achieve this by creating responsive designs that give your visitors an optimal user experience for every device, from smartphones to flat screens.

Technology used

Content management systems (CMS) enable the creation and maintenance of content without coming into contact with the subtleties and pitfalls of program code. This is achieved through a strict separation of design and content. Our first choice in terms of CMS is called WordPress and, thanks to extensive configuration options, offers the customer particularly convenient editing of the content. but not only, we can also help with other types of CMS , accompanied by our many years of expertise in dealing with these systems.

Field of activity

  • Responsive design
  • Creation of CMS themes
  • CMS maintenance & training
  • Onpage SEO
  • Pagespeed optimization

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